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Hilary S Hamilton

Writer, Clinical Health Coach, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

My name is Hilary S Hamilton and I am the Author of the health book "Hilary's Health Haven Handbook," the coming-of-age novel "The Journal of Elora," and my latest book, "Hilary's Health Haven Recipe Book."

I am also a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, who writes to empower others with the best health and wellness knowledge.

Hilary's Health Haven is a space that I have cultivated to be a safe haven in which to learn and grow and evolve and reflect and process out life so that we can all live our best lives ever!

You can check out my BLOG for my newest writings and my BOOK link for access to my books about health and wellness!

We all are one another’s helpers… Enjoy!!

Welcome to  Hilary's Health Haven!!!!